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Founded more than 30 years ago, Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. develops and distributes innovative consumer products, offering a comprehensive line of premium-quality beauty and wellness solutions in approximately 50 markets worldwide. In 2016, our revenue of $2.2 billion was primarily generated by our two category brands: our beauty and personal care category brand known as Nu Skin and our nutritional products category brand, Pharmanex. We have also leveraged our scientific expertise in the area of anti-aging to develop our ageLOC brand that features innovative products in both of these categories. We operate in the direct selling channel, primarily utilizing person-to-person marketing to promote and sell our products.

About 90% of our revenue came from outside of the United States in 2016, with approximately 28% of our revenue coming from Mainland China, our largest revenue market. Given the size of our international operations, our results, as reported in U.S. dollars, are often impacted by foreign currency fluctuations. In addition, our results can be impacted by global economic, political, demographic and business trends and conditions.

Our operations are subject to various laws and regulations globally, particularly with respect to our product categories and our distribution channel.  See “Risk Factors” for a more detailed description of the risks associated with our business.


We offer a branded, differentiated product platform. We believe our innovative approach to product development and distribution provides us with a competitive advantage in anti-aging and direct selling. We develop and distribute innovative, premium-quality anti-aging personal care products and nutritional supplements under our Nu Skin and Pharmanex category brands, respectively. Over the last several years, we have introduced new Nu Skin personal care products and Pharmanex nutritional supplements under our ageLOC anti-aging brand. Our research and product development is focused on understanding the sources of aging, including the influence of certain ingredients on gene expression, and utilizing that knowledge in our development of anti-aging products. We believe that our acquired and licensed technologies, research collaborations and in-house research expertise enable us to introduce innovative, proprietary products. We source and produce nearly all our proprietary products through trusted third parties, except in Mainland China, where we manufacture our own products.

During 2015 and 2016, and continuing into 2017, we launched our ageLOC Youth nutritional supplement and our ageLOC Me customized skin care system. Beginning in the second half of 2017 and continuing into 2018, we plan to launch ageLOC LumiSpa , which is a treatment and cleansing device that promotes smooth and healthy skin.

Product Categories

We have two primary product categories, each operating under its own brand. We market our premium-quality personal care products under the Nu Skin category brand and our science-based nutritional supplements under the Pharmanex category brand. Over the last several years, we have introduced new Pharmanex nutritional supplements and Nu Skin personal care products under our ageLOC anti-aging brand.

Presented below are the U.S. dollar amounts and associated revenue percentages from the sale of Nu Skin and Pharmanex products for the years ended December 31, 2014, 2015, and 2016. This table should be read in conjunction with the information presented in the section entitled “Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations,” which discusses the factors impacting revenue trends and the costs associated with generating the aggregate revenue presented.

คลิกดูข้อมูล -> Annual Report on Form 10-K

Nu Skin A Good Business Opportunity
Nu Skin A Good Business Opportunity